April 2024

April 2024

April 2024

February Fill Dyke carries on into March, hopefully we will not get too many April showers, it’s wet enough as it is.

I think that it is a matter of getting and doing the jobs in the garden as and when the weather allows us to. Do not worry if you have to delay cutting back or planting and sowing. Everything usually catches up.

We have had the rain so to make sure we keep as much in the soil as possible we need to mulch around the plants. It will encourage the worms and they will help drainage and keep the soil healthy. You can also apply Vitax Q4 or a good Rose fertiliser to the plants as the rain will have leached out some of the nutrients. Some plants will benefit from a foliar feed to boost them up. These will include all the bulbs which have finished flowering.

Keep the mower height high to allow the grass to grow stronger. Any bare patches will need grass seed sown in them so that the moss does not get chance to get re-established in the lawn.
If you are tempted to get your summer bedding early, remember they are tender perennials and they will only need a light frost to kill them off. So have your fleece handy if frost is forecast.

Remember gardening is supposed to be an enjoyable experience where we can have our mindful moments and life can just disappear as we tend our plants. So do not worry if you have missed out some of the jobs, you never know something exciting may come from it.

Please remember the Gardening Club plant sales when you are pricking out or taking cuttings and save a few extra so that you can contribute to the plant sales at the Spring Show and also the Froyle Open Gardens.

Thanks, Geoff